Sean Tyla Gets Tough

Having reported from the road with "Live In Stockholm" last year, pub rock maven Sean Tyla has laid out plans for 2015 and beyond, and these don’t seem to include much TYLA GANG activity. Instead, Tyla’s gearing up for recording a solo album tentatively titled “Tough Guys Don’t Dance,” a follow-up to “Back In The Saddle” from 2007. In Sean’s words, he might need a bit of crowdfunding to get the ball rolling, but there’s more to come.

The veteran intends to dedicate 2016 to his 70th birthday project, meaning the release of his autobiography’s last instalment, a 3CD anthology of his work and a reissue programme for his back catalogue starting with DUCKS DELUXE. This will finely complement the recent release of the "Reaffirmation" collection by HELP YOURSELF, with the artist’s significant contribution. Here’s to fulfilment.


March 25, 2015

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