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October 11, 2016

Bronze 1971 / Esoteric 2016 Saluting intransigence that’s not about to die, a musical document of free-thinking era sees an expanded return into the fray. Arguably the best concert record by a British band taped on British soil – unlike … Continue reading

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GREENSLADE Dig Into Their Live Archives

June 26, 2016

GREENSLADE were a unique band for their times, with two keyboard players, bassist and drummer and no guitar, until the ensemble’s final chapter in the ’70s, but the kind of art-rock the quartet produced has proudly stood the test of … Continue reading

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COLOSSEUM Classic Concert Set To Be Expanded

May 19, 2016

45 years after its recording, “Colosseum Live” by COLOSSEUM remains one of the most fantastic concert documents of rock era – if “rock” can encompass what this musicians were capable of. There was something unique about the combination of Chris Farlowe’s … Continue reading

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July 28, 2015

Angel Air 2015 “A Collection Of Original Recordings” opening a closet full of non-skeletal demos to be fleshed out with ensemble but beautiful in their embryonic realization. It’s easy to underestimate Dave Greenslade importance in the field of art rock: … Continue reading

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Dave Greenslade Reveals The Scheme Of Things

May 11, 2015

Up there with the likes of Keith Emerson and , Dave Greenslade has never strived for flash performance, yet it was the keyboard player’s grand approach that helped  realize his COLOSSEUM vision and, while Dave used to share the ivories action in his … Continue reading

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