It took THE REPLACEMENTS no less than five years and three longplays for major labels to notice them and want to cash in on the success of their “Let It Be” album, so its successor, “Tim” from 1985, signaled a new beginning for the Minneapolis ensemble – and the end of an era for the original foursome too. The platter was not hugely successful, yet the fans grew to love it over the years, even though Paul Westerberg and his friends never liked the record’s sound. Now, that issue is remedied, as the forthcoming deluxe box set – subtitled “Let It Bleed Edition” and scheduled for release on September 22nd – improves on the familiar material.

The producer behind “Tim” was Tommy Erdelyi, most commonly known as Tommy Ramone, but he wasn’t supposed to work on the record alone – his friend Ed Stasium had been slotted to partner with him as they did on THE RAMONES’ “Road To Ruin” and a few other projects, so it’s Stasium who recently remixed THE REPLACEMENTS classic which will be a part of this box set: one of its four CDs and also its only vinyl LP. The other three CDs, all packed with a 12×12 hardcover book, contain the regular, if freshly remastered, Erdelyi mix, as well as a concert document and a slew of previously unheard pieces, including the cuts the quartet laid down in January 1985 with Alex Chilton. An illuminating offering for aficionados.

Let It Bleed Edition

CD 1 – Tim (Ed Stasium Mix):
1. Hold My Life
2. I’ll Buy
3. Kiss Me On The Bus
4. Dose Of Thunder
5. Waitress In The Sky
6. Swingin Party
7. Bastards Of Young
8. Lay It Down Clown
9. Left Of The Dial
10. Little Mascara
11. Here Comes A Regular

CD 2 – Tim (2023 Remaster):
1-11 – as on CD 1

CD 3 – Sons Of No One – Rare & Unreleased:
1. Can’t Hardly Wait (acoustic demo)
2. Nowhere Is My Home (alternate mix) *
3. Can’t Hardly Wait (electric demo – alternate version) *
4. Left Of The Dial (alternate version) *
5. Nowhere Is My Home (alternate version) *
6. Can’t Hardly Wait (cello version) *
7. Kiss Me On The Bus (studio demo)
8. Little Mascara (studio demo) *
9. Bastards Of Young (alternate version) *
10. Hold My Life (alternate version) *
11. Having Fun *
12. Waitress In The Sky (alternate version)
13. Can’t Hardly Wait (the “Tim” version – alternate mix) *
14. Swingin Party (alternate version) *
15. Here Comes A Regular (alternate version)

Let It Bleed Edition

CD 4 – Not Ready For Prime Time –
Live At The Cabaret Metro, Chicago, Il, January 11th, 1986 *:
1. Gary’s Got A Boner
2. Love You ‘Till Friday
3. Bastards Of Young
4. Can’t Hardly Wait
5. Answering Machine
6. Little Mascara
7. Color Me Impressed
8. Kiss Me On The Bus
9. Favorite Thing
10. Mr. Whirly
11. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
12. I Will Dare
13. Johnny’s Gonna Die
14. Dose Of Thunder
15. Takin’ A Ride
16. Hitchin’ A Ride
17. Trouble Boys
18. Unsatisfied
19. Black Diamond
20. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
21. Customer
22. Borstal Breakout
23. Take Me Down To The Hospital
24. Kids Don’t Follow
25. Nowhere Man
26. The Crusher
27. I’m In Trouble
28. Go

* – previously unreleased

LP – Ed Stasium Mix:
1-11 – as on CD 1

August 19, 2023

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