THIRD EAR BAND Unearth Concert Tapes From Halcyon Days

Permanently etched in history thanks to the last album of their classic lifespan thanks to 1972’s “Music from Macbeth” being a soundtrack to Roman Polanski’s interpretation of Shakespeare and sporting a Roger Dean cover, THIRD EAR BAND were much more interesting than that particular platter. An avant-garde instrumental ensemble who married medieval idioms to raga rock and European folk influences, they didn’t really had any peers on the scene – especially during their tremendously riveting concert performances. Still, connoisseurs could only wish to hear how the collective sounded in front of the audience back in the day, as all their available stage recordings hail from the reformed line-up – from the late ’80s and early ’90s. Until now.

Druid One:
Live At Essen Pop & Blues Festival 1970

Uncovered recently and released just a few weeks ago, sadly just on vinyl, “Druid One: Live At Essen Pop & Blues Festival 1970” captures these intrepid Canterbury experimenters in their heyday, on April 24th, 1970, and in their element – playing, as originally caught by a TV team, half of the pieces from the group’s 1969 debut "Alchemy" alongside tentative versions of yet-to-be-out 1970 longplays “Third Ear Band” and “Abelard and Heloise” which would get fleshed out and finalized a bit later. With excellent sound quality, this find is truly a treat.

1. Water
2. Abelard & Heloise (Part 3)
3. Mosaic
4. Area Three
5. Druid One
6. Ghetto Raga
7. Earth

June 27, 2024

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