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MARENNA – Livin’ No Regrets

August 31, 2018

Rock Company 2018 Homecoming triumph for Brazilian hard rock champions exposes their flawed brilliance. Bravado is what keeps Rodrigo Marenna and his companions going, so it’s not surprising to see them submit a tour document with only one full-length studio … Continue reading

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August 30, 2018

Lavender Katydid 2017 When day and night ain’t no enough, insomnia must bring delirious brilliance and four more hours will do nicely. Humor always was this artist’s saving grace, hearty laughter keeping him warm in Windy City, yet there’s a … Continue reading

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JETHRO TULL Box Up Their Debut

August 29, 2018

This year marks the jubilee of JETHRO TULL, and it would be strange if , having taken care of commemorative compilations and the 40th anniversary “Heavy Horses” reissue – mentioned – , whom this scribe saw on-stage last month, forgot … Continue reading

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NICK STEED FIVE – Feeling For The Blues

August 29, 2018

PlayByHead 2018 Delicious dozen of barely bridled rhythm-and-blues from British ivories-tinkler and his posse of merry gentlemen. This sort of music has rarely made it onto record since the era when Money and Fame – Zoot and Georgie, that is … Continue reading

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BARIS MANCHO – Nick The Chopper

August 28, 2018

CBS 1976 / Pharaway Sounds 2018 Anatolian nightingale’s futile attempt to fill European forests with Eastern song. He might have been larger than life in his native Turkey, yet Bariş Manço always dreamed of taking his art outside the country, … Continue reading

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