AMERICAN TEARS Ride The Celestial Train

If anyone had any doubts about the post-millennial return of AMERICAN TEARS, 2019’s “White Flags” more than justified the ensemble’s comeback. With Mark Mangold’s keyboards raging and raving, that album felt sensational, revelatory even, and its follow-up “Free Angel Express” that’s scheduled for release on October 23rd is supposed to take things even further. This time it’s neither a solo effort, like last year’s one, nor a trio arrangement as it was back in the ’70s: now Mangold is joined by power metal maven Alex Landenburg on drums and a few guests. More so, this time the songs seem to be more topical and tuned into our times – something that the band always worked towards.

So there’s much to expect of the forthcoming album, which will run like this:

Free Angel Express

1. Sledgehammered
2. Set It On Fire
3. Free Angel Express / Resist Outta Here
4. Not For Nothing
5. Glass
6. Everything You Take
7. Roll The Stone
8. Blue Rondo
9. Can’t Get Satisfied
10. Woke
11. Shadows Aching Karma
12. So Glow
13. Rise To The Light
14. Tusk (Blood On The Ivory) (download only)

August 10, 2020

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