BLACKMORE’S NIGHT Light Anniversary “Fires”

Delays in delivering anniversary editions of favorite records may have become an unpleasant trend for many artists who fail to establish control over release schedules, but BLACKMORE’S NIGHT seem to be driving ahead of the curve. The ensemble’s third album first saw the light of day – pardon the pun – in the Summer of 2001, so it should celebrate a quarter-century only in two years from now, yet Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night don’t want to miss the date, as they did with the remix of their debut “Shadow Of The Moon” that was issued in 2023, so, skipping over the somewhat less popular “Under A Violet Moon” from 1999, the family unit jump into "Fires At Midnight" again on September 27th.

This time there will be no deluxe editions with DVD – at least, nothing of the kind has been announced yet – and aficionados’ choice is to be limited to double-CD and double-LP variants, the addition of second disc warranted by the inclusion of fresh versions of two album numbers and the colorization of vinyl upping the allure. Still, given how fine sounding were the “Shadow” remixes, listening to “Fires” anew feels teasing.

Fires At Midnight:
25th Anniversary Edition

1. Written In The Stars
2. The Times They Are A-Changin’
3. I Still Remember
4. Home Again
5. Crowning Of The King
6. Fayre Thee Well
7. Fires At Midnight
8. Hanging Tree
9. Storm
10. Mid Winter’s Night
11. All Because Of You
12. Waiting Just For You
13. Praetorius (Courante)
14. Benzai-Ten
15. Village On The Sand
16. Again Someday
17. Possum’s Last Dance
18. Sake Of The Song
2024 New Vocal Versions:
19. Written In The Stars
20. Fires At Midnight

June 20, 2024

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