BLISTERHEAD – Border Control

Cramada 2017

BLISTERHEAD - Border Control

Border Control

Swedish punks pack their angst in sweet attack on era-relevant EP.

Formed in 1999, this quartet could’ve gone a false fury way like many pseudo perpetrators did, but the period of hypocritical unity we endure now is the time for a real live action, and that’s what “Border Control” – both mini-album and its title track – is all about. With a bass rumble as a base for infectious chant, there’s sharpness and focus to the four cuts on offer to carry guitar jangle into the listener’s very psyche and make the band’s songs so easy to relate to.

Vocal harmonies behind the chorus of “Blood On Your Face” may shine in a glam manner, yet “Valley Of The Dead” would be a perfect, brief and to the point, anthem for those who feel like rising from the moral grave and ruling the world. More so, heavier than the rest, “System Overload” has a dancefloor pull and is arresting indeed – that’s where border control really kicks in. Get booted and move to the groove, then.


May 30, 2017

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