EMIKA KLASDOTTER – Everything Is Screaming

Sakuntala 2013

EMIKA KLASDOTTER - Everything Is Screaming

Everything Is Screaming

Swedish singer-songwriter takes wing on a collection of wounded bird ballads. But will you share her flight?

“Come, come,” implores Emika Klasdotter in “Be Close” playfully picking up from the “Come and fly with me” plea of “I’m Alive,” yet one can’t be sure whether to make good on her invitation. With an abiding sensation of wanting to be left alone, this mood of the endless moment is captured too perfectly for the set of songs written over a decade. From opener “Stay” to the finale of “My Longing,” a lot of shoegazing is in action, often framed by cello and piano from Emika’s compatriot Emma Nordenstam who’s concurrently puts out her own album, "Response To The Birddream", and that’s about all the company that Klasdotter’s keening siren needs.

Still, there’s some surfing racket on the tracks to contrast the transparent theatricality of the title cut as well messages of the “We don’t have a life, we just dream” kind. What with the artist’s airy fairy tag, “Fireworks” gets high on an acid guitar and disco beat, while the flight of “Happy” hangs in acoustic heaven. So much for the deceptive alienation, Emika Klasdotter’s debut is a welcoming as it gets.


July 1, 2013

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