EVERPRESENT – Kahlina Reconstructions

TableTop 2016

EVERPRESENT - Kahlina Reconstructions

Kahlina Reconstructions

Cosmic collaboration for a sci-fi ascendence of American pop maven and Dutch experimentalist.hs

It’s been a longtime toil for this project but, finally, after 14 years in independent wilderness EVERPRESENT became part of TableTop Records’ international roster. In preparation for the lift-off, the band’s mastermind Matthew Cahoon hooked up transatlantically with Kahlina, an all-round avant-gardiste whose remixes of three tracks from his latest releases bear a stamp of her futuristic technique here.

As a result, “Endorphine Light Speed Mix” creates a new, vibrant urgency for “Prey” from "Omega Point" whose layers are sparsely interlocked to let it breathe, while “Spacey Alien Mix” of “Infusion” is opening an epic, prog-like perspective to the original sonic palette – detailed with various effects which will keep you on your toes, if not on your dancing feet. Another "Introspekt" track, “Pulsar,” underwent “Facepuncher Mix” to implode onto its claustrophobic rave and be reborn in a swamp of breakneck beats before landing on a delicate rumination and drying out until only a bare groove is left, together with a sense of successful experiment.

As such, it’s interesting; further exploration of this route may cost EP their current audience – or expand it.


September 30, 2016

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