Ex-GENESIS Guitarists Revisit Their Past

Many people don’t know that but, even though Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett never played together in GENESIS where the latter replaced the former, the two guitarists are friends. So there would be no surprise and no rivalry when, on June 24th, both will see a reissue of their most unusual albums – out on Esoteric Recordings. Bearing trademark melodicism of the composers, “1984” and “Blues With A Feeling” deviated from Ant and Steve’s traditional styles but remain more than curios in the artists’ catalogues: each is a classic.

Phillips’ “1984” from 1981 – based on George Orwell’s anti-utopia – signaled his move away from arcadian motifs of preceding works such as "Wise After The Event" into darker, synthesizer-based textures, as the record’s subject dictated. Not to everyone’s taste, the album’s true merit was put into perspective with the passing of time, and now the time has come to delve deeper into it, which is the focus of a new, deluxe edition that encompasses a new stereo mix and, on DVD, a surround one, the third disc rounding up the package with a collection of alternate mixes and outtakes, including the “Rule Britannia” suite written for a contemporary TV documentary. As is the case with Ant’s previous editions on Esoteric, there’s also a lavish booklet and a poster adding to the experience. All in all, the content looks like this:



CD 1: New Stereo Mix

1. Prelude ’84
2. 1984 Part One
3. 1984 Part Two
4. Anthem 1984

CD 2: Bonus Material

1. Prelude – ’84 (early stage mix)
2. Ascension
3. 1984 – Part One (early stage mix)
Rule Britannia Suite:
4. Sally Theme
5. Science & Technology
6. Respect
7. Church
8. Military
9. Power In The Land
10. 1984 – Part Two (early stage mix)
11. Anthem 1984 (early stage mix)
12. 12. Poly Piece (demo)

DVD 5.1 Surround Sound Mix

1. Prelude ’84
2. 1984 Part One
3. 1984 Part Two
4. Anthem 1984

Out on the same day, Hackett’s 1994 album “Blues With A Feeling” reflected Steve’s love for the source rock genre – refracted through his harmony guitar and embellished with harmonica that the veteran’s a master of as well. This time, though, there are fresh cuts added to the original running order. As the artist explains, “I have always loved the blues which inspired me so much in my formative years, and I’m thrilled to be re-releasing my album ‘Blues With A Feeling.’ It now has two new tracks, never heard before, along with additional liner notes.” Now, its tracklist is (read the review):

STEVE HACKETT - Blues With A Feeling

Blues With A Feeling

1. Born In Chicago
2. The Stumble
3. Love Of Another Kind
4. Way Down South
5. A Blue Part Of Town
6. Footloose
7. Tombstone Roller
8. Blues With A Feeling
9. Big Dallas Sky
10. The 13th Floor
11. So Many Roads
12. Solid Ground
bonus tracks:
13. On Cemetery Road
14. Patch Of Blue

Also released on June 24th – but not on Esoteric and for the first time, of course – will be Hackett’s “The Total Experience Live In Liverpool”: this 2CD and 2DVD package is a document of Steve’s current tour, one we discussed in our latest interview. Styled visually after his “Genesis Revisited” concert releases, it runs across the guitarist’s solo career as well as his ensemble experience – hence its title – with Nad Sylvan and Gary O'Toole‘s voices enriching the classics.

STEVE HACKETT - The Total Experience Live In Liverpool

The Total Experience
Live In Liverpool

CD 1:
1. Corycian Fire Intro
2. Spectral Mornings
3. Out Of The Body
4. Wolflight
5. Every Day
6. Love Song To A Vampire
7. The Wheel’s Turning
8. Loving Sea
9. Jacuzzi
10. Icarus Ascending
11. Star Of Sirius
12. Ace Of Wands
13. A Tower Struck Down

CD 2:
1. Shadow Of The Hierophant
2. Get ‘em Out By Friday
3. Can-Utility And The Coastliners
4. After The Ordeal
5. The Cinema Show
6. Aisle Of Plenty
7. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
8. The Musical Box
9. Clocks
10. Firth Of Fifth

DVD 1:
As above

DVD 2:
Behind The Scenes
Somewhere South Of The River – Rehearsal Documentary
* Corycian Fire
* Wolflight
* Love Song To A Vampire

April 30, 2016

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