Jimi Jamison’s Country-Rock Album Ready For Release

It’s been almost a decade since the world lost the fantastic Jimi Jamison but the interest to his legacy doesn’t seem to diminish, especially with the knowledge of quite a lot material languishing in the late singer’s archives. That particular chamber of secrets was open once before, with 2022 release of “Rock Hard” from 1990, and there’s a second previously unreleased album looming on the horizon now.

Written and produced by a fellow Survivor Jim Peterik, “Jimmy Wayne Jamison” – titled after the vocalist’s full name – was recorded in 2007 and remained on the shelf far too long, its issue possibly hindered by the record’s style. Jamison might have touched on country rock here and there, yet centering an entire platter around something not too widely loved by his audience seemed counterproductive to powers that be, and the artist’s fans would have to wait for it – if only they knew it existed. Still, August 23rd is when the potential wait will be over.

Jimmy Wayne Jamison

1. Live Life
2. Love You All Over The World
3. Runaway Train
4. Strong At The Broken Places
5. I Wanna Touch You There
6. Heart Of A Woman
7. Sound Of Home
8. Alive
9. Till You Love Someone
10. Come Dancing
11. A Kiss To Remember You By

June 19, 2024

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