John Martyn’s Classic Solo Concert Unsealed Anew

Never tiring of reinventing his approach to music while remaining faithful to his own creative tenets, John Martyn found it a tad difficult to go on tour in 1978 and perform material from his then-latest album “One World” due to this record’s experimental sonics. However, the Scottish musician couldn’t be intimidated by such insignificant obstacle; more so, the artist didn’t even think of bringing accompanists to the stage with him, and took to the road alone, with Echoplex and other effects in tow. One of the veteran’s shows, a concert at Hamburg University, was recorded for the “Rockpalast” TV series, and now there’s a chance to experience the atmosphere of his live gig in quality audio and video.

Out on July 26th, the “Live At Rockpalast 1978” CD and DVD package captures the entire March 17th set, with Martyn in top form, as well as bonus track “Look At That Girl” from 1989 (hopefully, the omission of “Singin’ In The Rain” is but a tracklist mistake). While the visual part of John’s concert saw the light on disc back in 2007, the purely sonic part has never been out and promises a great listening.

Live At Rockpalast 1978

1. One Day Without You
2. Outside In
3. Bless The Weather
4. Certain Surprise
5. Big Muff
6. Couldn’t Love You More
7. Small Hours
8. Solid Air
9. May You Never
10. Seven Black Roses
11. I’d Rather Be The Devil
12. Look At That Girl

July 10, 2024

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