Steve Wynn Makes Right With Pals From THE BANGLES and R.E.M.

When THE DREAM SYNDICATE ceased to exist back in 1989 and Steve Wynn embarked on a solo career, his albums saw the light of day in a rather regular basis, although 2008’s “Crossing Dragon Bridge” signaled the end of the singer’s seven-year absence from studio, yet since then there’s been nothing original from him for the wide audience to indulge in. Wynn kept on issuing concert recordings and tribute platters, and, when his old band got together again in 2012, Steve was onboard as well, but “Make It Right” which will be out on August 30th finds the veteran in top form, once more weaving the spell on his own terms.

It’s reported to feel like a very intimate affair – “a dialogue between memoirist and musician” – a sonic companion piece to Wynn’s book “I Wouldn’t Say It If It Wasn’t True” that will be published the same week as the record which wouldn’t sound too autobiographical, though, despite locales it occasionally focuses on. But there are many guests aiding and abetting Steve on his train of melodic and lyrical thought – artists like R.E.M.’s Mike Mills and THE BANGLES’ Vicki Peterson, so “Make It Right” should come out right, indeed.

Make It Right

1. Santa Monica
2. Make It Right
3. What Were You Expecting
4. You’re Halfway There
5. Making Good on My Promises
6. Cherry Avenue
7. Then Again
8. Madly
9. Simpler Than The Rain
10. Roosevelt Avenue

July 9, 2024

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