May 11, 2003


A young guitarist with a unique style of his own is a rare event but if there’s one that sends shivers down a listener’s spine in the last in the last couple of years, it must beDave Kilminster whose amazing work added a special flavour to John Wetton‘s and Ken Hensley‘s songs. Now David, currently touring with Keith Emerson and THE NICE, comes to much deserved prominence and finally has a solid web presence at Don’t miss a chance to drop by.


This Paul McCartney tour is of a special kind, as well documented by his "Back In The U.S" and “Back In The World” live albums. And where to conclude the trek, which is grandiose enough to take in Rome’s Coliseum and Moscow’s Red Square, if not at a place where it all began, in Liverpool. The show at King’s Dock will be held on June 1st.

Says Paul,
“I’m so chuffed with the success we’ve had with this tour and me and the band are really looking forward to its final night in Liverpool. I’ve a feeling it will be a good and emotional ending to a wonderful year “.


When the thought-to-have-been-lost masters of DEEP PURPLE’s “Burn” were unearthed last year, the question arose as to who would take the responsibility of bringing the classic 1974’s album into the digital era. Having talked to Ian Paice and Jon Lord, the only founding members who played on the LP, the band’s bassist Roger Glover – he’d been behind earlier albums remastering – agreed to the EMI proposal to do the work, and the future seemed bright. No more now, as Rog thought it over and retreated to other commitments, like PURPLE’s new album, due out this August.


Meanwhile, DEEP PURPLE singer has a new archival release, the one strictly for aficionados, as IAN GILLAN BAND – guitarist Ray Fenwick, bassist John Gustafson, drummer Mark Nauseef and keyboard player Colin Towns alongside Ian Gillan – were more about edgy fusion than hard rock, although some classic tracks made it to the“Live At The Rainbow 1977” DVD anyway. Recorded on May 14th, 1977 at London’s Rainbow Theater, its content looks like this:

1. Twin Exhausted
2. Clear Air Turbulence
3. Money Lender
4. Child In Time
5. Smoke On The Water
6. Woman From Tokyo
7. Twin Exhausted
bonus features:
Ray Fenwick interview
Ian Gillan Japan tour interview
1. Finally The Finale
2. My Baby Loves Me
3. Down The Road
4. You Make Me Feel So Good
5. Scarabus
6. Reaching Out


This man also served in DEEP PURPLE – and in RAINBOW, too. Now knee-deep in the work on the second outing of THE HUGHES-TURNER PROJECT, a successor to last year’s "HTP"Joe Lynn Turner, managed to cut another album of his, while out of tour with Glenn Hughes. Joe’s new album’s title is of three letters as well, them being his initials, “JLT”, and the record’s out in June:

1. Cold Blood
2. Jumpstart
3. Dirty Deal
4. Love Don’t Live Here
5. Excess
6. Let’s Go
7. Cryin’ Out Loud
8. Fantasize
9. Blood Fire
10. Driving With Eyes Closed
11. Hit The Switch
12. Reprise


He’s know as Rock, but Ronnie Dio’s cousin and bandmate in ELF’s name is David Feinstein, and FEINSTEIN is the name of a new band the guitarist formed with John West, famous for his stint with ROYAL HUNT and, previously, great late Cozy Powell. The deal with MANOWAR’s Magic Circle Music is already struck, so the release of their debut album, “Third Wish”, is just the matter of time.


Quite sad is that Anthony Phillips‘ work with GENESIS has doomed his wonderful solo works – and there are many albums! – to relative obscurity. Not all, though, as Ant’s first albums, “The Geese & The Ghost” and “Wise After The Event”, are highly acclaimed. The material off those, plus more pieces still to make it to the vinyl, was played live in the studio in 1978, when Phillips paid a visit to Glasgow’s Radio Clyde station. Having been aired once, the recording lay dormant for 25 years to crop up now on a must-have CD simply called “Radio Clyde”.

1. Reaper
2. Moonshooter
3. Flamingo
4. Conversation Piece
5. Silver Song
6. Master Of Time
7. Which Way The Wind Blows
8. Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends)?
9. Field Of Eternity
10. Postlude: End Of The Season


Strange things happening, and one may only contemplate why early collaboration between John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick, Terry Wilson and Tony Braunagel must be calledCRAWLER. It’s the name under which their demos will be out on CD called “Roots – Chapter 1: A Pre-History Of Crawler”, although the band had been christened such after Paul Kossoff died and his BACK STREET CRAWLER decided to roll on further with new recruits Geoff Whitehorn on guitar and Koss’ FREE colleague Rabbit on keyboards – note here “Unseen Love” that FREE played live yet never recorded properly.

1. Better Be Ready
2. Crazy
3. Every Little Bit Hurts
4. First Time, Last Time
5. Get The Feeling
6. Half Alive
7. I’ll Be Dogone
8. Young Cassidy
9. Gonna Change Direction
10. Every Little Bit Hurts
11. Stuck In The Middle
12. Sing A Song
13. We Won
14. We All Need Love
15. The 3 Of Us
16. Terry’s Acoustic
17. Unseen Love
18. Better Be Ready (’84 alt. version) 

May 11, 2003

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