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GLENN HUGHES - The Remasters
As we mentioned before, last month saw the launch of Glenn Hughes‘ reissue series on a recently resurrected Purple Records. And now, with his earliest and mid-’90s titles out of the way – and two albums from the beginning of that decade still in limbo – time has come for 1999’s “The Way It Is” and “Return Of Crystal Karma” from the following year to be expanded for August 18th re-release. In the case of "R.O.C.K" – as the latter album is known – there’s no real expansion, though, as São Paulo recordings housed on a second disc of the remastered edition made a bonus CD of its original edition, while a London concert, an official bootleg appended to the former record, hasn’t seen a light of day before. Both interesting offerings – one seeing Glenn cover Jimi Hendrix’s “Freedom” and the other finding Hughes unveil a Tony Iommi co-write “Gone” – these are pander to the veteran’s fans demands.

As far as the reissues’ tracklists go, here’s a breakdown:


The Way It Is

“The Way It Is” – (read the review)

Disc One:
1. The Way It Is
2. You Kill Me
3. Neverafter
4. Rain On Me
5. Curse
6. Freedom
7. The Truth Will Set Me Free
8. Stoned In The Temple
9. Too Far Gone
10. Second Son
11. Take You Down
12. Don’t Look Away
13. Freedom (Shagmeister Mix)

Disc Two
Live At The London Astoria 2 – 22/11/2000:

1. The State I’m In
2. Midnight Meditated
3. Gone
4. Might Just Take Your Life
5. Muscle And Blood
6. You Kill Me
7. Medusa
8. You Are The Music
9. Your Love Is Alright
10. Coast To Coast
11. Purple Medley: Owed To “G”/ Sail Away / Lay Down Stay Down / Gettin’ Tighter

GLENN HUGHES - Return Of Crystal Karma

Return Of Crystal Karma

“Return Of Crystal Karma” – (read the review)

Disc One:
1. The State I’m In
2. Midnight Meditated
3. It’s Alright
4. Switch The Mojo
5. Gone
6. The Other Side Of Me
7. Angela
8. Owed To “J”
9. This Life
10. Days Of Avalon

Disc Two
Live In São Paulo, Brazil – 25/11/1999:

1. You Kill Me
2. Neverafter
3. First Step Of Love
4. No Stranger To Love
5. Coast To Coast
6. Your Love Is Alright

June 21, 2017

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