October 5, 2007


A guitarist extraordinaire Mario Parga has decided to show a gem that is “Spirit Of Night” from his latest album, "Entranced"  in a new light and is working on a vocal version with a former BLACK SABBATH singer Tony Martin who he’d played with before in the late Cozy Powell’s band. That’s what Mario writes on this: “[Tony] never ceases to amaze me. His voice on “Spirit Of Night’ is stunningly beautiful and haunting. I’m looking forward to the release date and to hear feedback from the many people who’ve taken this song to heart”. The song will be available as both a CD single and as a digital download from the guitarist’s site.


When the brilliant Maggie Bell will decide to come up with a new, long-overdue album, is anyone’s guess, but when she does, the chances are it’ll be on Angel Air, a label that has served the lady’s fans well over the years and continues to do so. There’ll be two new Bell-fronted releases this November.

The first is “Live In Glasgow”, a recording of a 2006’s red-hot performance by BRITISH BLUES QUINTET. The combo is comprised of the scene’s legend: Maggie on vocals, her STONE THE CROWS pal Colin Allen on drums, Colin Hodgkinson who cut his teeth with Alexis Korner and played, among others, with WHITESNAKE, on bass, former Keef Hartley sidekick, Miller Anderson, on guitar, and none other than Zoot Money on keyboards. With no studio cuts under their belt, the band go for the throat with a fine selection of the blues classics. In other words, they’re doing what they do best.

1. What You Got Is So Good
2. As The Years Go Passing By
3. San Francisco Bay Blues
4. Tamp ‘Em Up Solid
5. It Never Rains But It Pours
6. Wishing Well
7. That’s The Way I Feel
8. Penicillin Blues
9. Walkin’ Blues
10. I Wanna Thank You Baby
11. Fog On The Highway
12. Houston
13. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
14. Respect Yourself

The other title is “Live Montreux 1981 from MIDNIGHT FLYER, a group that Bell had with bassist Tony Stevens, guitarist Anthony Glynne, panist Chris Parren and drummer Dave Dowle in the early ’80s. The recording is a CD companion to Angel Air’s DVD released earlier this year.

1. Hey Boy
2. Danger Money
3. Love Games
4. Sweet Lovin’ Woman
5. Poor Little Jimmy
6. Rough Trade
7. French Kisses
8. Too Much Love
9. Penicillin Blues
10. Bring It On Home To Me (with Taj Mahal)
11. Chain Gang (with Taj Mahal)
12. Blues Jam (with Albert Collins)
13. Stormy Monday Blues (with Albert Collins)


While a release of his ROLLING STONES film, “Shine A Light”, has been delayed until April 2008, Martin Scorsese is already thinking of new documentary to continue what was started with THE BAND’s “The Last Waltz” and Bob Dylan’s “No Direction Home”, with a George Harrison career-spanning movie. The director is working with the late Beatle’s widow, Olivia, and, very likely, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will also take part in it. It all is still in preparation, so the film won’t see the light of day until after a few years.


Following successful  "Castles & Dreams" package, BLACKMORE’S NIGHT are ready to present their fans with a new live recording, this time not from Deutschland but from La France. “Paris Moon”, out in early November on CD and DVD, comes from the September 20th, 2006 concert at the Olympia. For the real fans, there’ll be a special eidtion with discs in both formats.


1. Introduction
2. Past Times
With Good Company
3. Rainbow Blues
4. Play Minstrel Play
5. World Of Stone
6. Under A Violet Moon
7. Soldier Of Fortune
8. Durch Den Wald
Zum Bachaus
9. Diamonds & Rust
10. Minstrel Hall
11. Home Again
12. Streets Of London
13. Renaissance Faire
14. Keyboard Solo
15. Ariel
16. Loreley
17. The Clock Ticks On
18. Fires At Midnight
19. St. Theresa
20. The Village Lanterne


1. Past Times With Good Company /
Rainbow Blues
2. Play Minstrel Play
3. World Of Stone
4. Under A Violet Moon
5. Minstrel Hall
6. Home Again
7. Ariel
8. The Clock Ticks On
9. Fires At Midnight
bonus tracks:
10. The Village Lanterne (studio version)
11. All Because of You (radio edit)
12. The Village Lanterne
(enhanced video track)


Maybe it’s quite a time for a new album, but the AC/DC will hardly complain as the waiting is mellowed with some great goodies the latest of which should be a DVD box set “Plug Me In” due to be released on October 16th. That’s a double-disc career-spanning collection of live performances, many previously unavailable, and paraphernalia with a duration of more than five hours. The first disc of the set focuses on the Bon Scott-fronted Australian rockers’ formative years and includes the very first public performance of their anthem, “Highway To Hell”, while the second disc takes the group, now with Brian Johnson tearing his throat up, up to the present. But the real aficionados just must grab a deluxe edition of “Plug Me In” that has an additional DVD with even more rare performances from both AC/DC eras and an assortment of facsimile of memorabilia.

Disc 1:

1. High Voltage – Australia, 1975
2. It’s A Long Way To The Top – Australia, 1976
3. School Days – Australia, 1976
4. TNT – Australia, 1976
5. Live Wire – London, 1976
6. Can I Sit Next To You Girl – London, 1976
7. Baby Please Don’t Go – Melbourne, 1976
8. Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be – London, 1977
9. Rocker – London, 1977
10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation – Glasgow, 1978
11. Dog Eat Dog – Glasgow, 1978
12. Let There Be Rock – Glasgow, 1978
13 Problem Child – Colchester, 1978
14. Sin City – Colchester, 1978
15. Bad Boy Boogie – Colchester, 1978
16. Highway To Hell – Holland, 1979
17. Jack – Holland, 1979
18. Whole Lotta Rosie – Holland, 1979
19. Interview At Sydney Airport, 1976
20. Interview In Covent Garden, 1976
21. Problem Child – Melbourne, 1976
22. Baby Please Don’t Go – Germany, 1976
23. Interview / Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap promo film, 1976
24. Bon Scott Interview, Australia, 1977
25. Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation – London, 1978
26. Live & Interview, Atlanta, 1979
27. Live Super 8 Bootleg Film, France, 1979

Disc 2:

1. Shot Down In Flames – Tokyo, 1981
2. What Do You Do For Money Honey – Tokyo, 1981
3. You Shook Me All Night Long – Tokyo, 1981
4. Let There Be Rock – Tokyo, 1981
5. Back In Black – Landover, 1981
6. TNT – Landover, 1981
7. Shoot To Thrill – Houston, 1983
8. Guns For Hire – Detroit, 1983
9. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – Detroit, 1983
10. Flick Of The Switch – Landover, 1983
11. Bedlam In Belgium – Landover, 1983
12. Back In Black – Moscow, 1991
13 Highway To Hell – Moscow, 1991
14. Whole Lotta Rosie – Moscow, 1991
15. For Those About To Rock – Moscow, 1991
16. Gone Shootin’ – London, 1996
17. Hail Caesar – Sydney, 1996
18. Ballbreaker – Sydney, 1996
19. Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution – Sydney, 1996
20. Hard As A Rock – Paris 2001
21. Hells Bells – Paris 2001
22. Ride On – Paris 2001
23 Stiff Upper Lip – Circus Krone, 2003
24. Thunderstruck – Circus Krone, 2003
25. If You Want Blood – Toronto, 2003
26. Jack – Toronto, 2003
27. You Shook Me All Night Long – Toronto, 2003
28. Ball Breaker Tour Intro Film, 1996
29. Hells Bells / Interview & Live
30. Interview / Monsters Of Rock, Donnington, 1984
31. Gone Shootin’ (rehearsal)
32. Rock Me Baby – Germany, 2003 with THE ROLLING STONES

Disc 3:

1. She’s Got Balls – Australia, 1976
2. It’s A Long Way To The Top – Australia, 1976
3. Let There Be Rock – London, 1977
4. Bad Boy Boogie – Glasgow, 1978
5. Girl’s Got Rhythm – Top Pop, 1979
6. Guns For Hire (rehearsal)
7. House Is On Fire – Detriot, 1983
8. Highway To Hell – Dublin, 1996
9. Girl’s Got Rhythm – Sydney, 1996
10. Let There Be Rock – Stuttgart, 2000
11. Angus Statue Intro, Stiff Upper Lip Tour, 2001
12.Guns For Hire – Houston, 1983
13 Shoot To Thrill – Houston, 1983
14. Sin City – Houston, 1983
15. House Is On Fire – Houston, 1983
16. Back In Black – Houston, 1983
17. Bad Boy Boogie – Houston, 1983
18. Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution – Houston, 1983
19. Flick Of The Switch – Houston, 1983
20. Hells Bells – Houston, 1983


THE NEW BARBARIANS were one of those legendary bands not many people heard of, yet THE ROLLING STONES held them close to their hearts, as the collective’s leader was Ronnie Wood who roped in Keith Richards to take up the guitar duties, and his FACES ex-colleague Ian McLagan to tinkle the ivories. The original line-up included also bassist Stanley Clarke, sax man Bobby Keys and drummer Zigaboo Modeliste, but in London in 1974 it were Willy Weeks and Andy Newmark on bass and drums, and Keys was absent. The punters were hardly disappointed, though, with Rod Stewart soldiering on as a guest singer. Now this performance, under the title of “The First Barbarians – Live From Kilburn” is out on CD and DVD, on October 22nd. But it’s more than a mere curio, there’s a real rock ‘n’ roll spirit in the grooves.

1. Intro
2. Am I Grooving You
3. Cancel Everything
4. Mystifies Me
5. Take A Look At The Guy
6. Act Together
7. Shirley
8. Forever
9. Sure The One You Need
10. I Can’t Stand The Rain
11. Crouch Music
12. I Can Feel The Fire


October 5, 2007

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