POTTER’S DAUGHTER Welcome Annie Haslam On First Single

& Annie Haslam –
Blood And Water

CD singles are rare birds nowadays, but this is the media – alongside download option and a limited edition vinyl disc – that POTTER’S DAUGHTER chose for their first one-track release. A new New York ensemble led by classical pianist Dyanne Potter Voegtlin floated into proggers’ view in 2018, when the “The Blind Side” saw the light of day, yet “Blood And Water” – which is set for an August 8th issue – has more fusion about it than the collective’s earlier songs. More so, there’s a special guest on this one, the RENAISSANCE fairy Annie Haslam who was impressed enough with the piece to lend her voice to it.

Whether such a collaboration gives the group additional credibility may be a moot point, though aficionados’ interest will certainly be piqued with the piece. A rhyme of the number’s title and the band’s name can’t be ignored either. Read the review here.

July 25, 2019

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