T.REX’s “Born To Boogie” Gets It On Blu-Ray

Those who suggest that Ringo Starr’s most important gift to the world of cinema were the characters he played from “A Hard Day’s Night” onwards are wrong; arguably, the best thing the ex-Beatle contributed to the screen is “Born To Boogie”: a 1972 film based on T.REX concert performances which he directed. It’s about time the movie made it onto a Blu-ray – and this is what will happen on September 27th. Only one should think the 2005 DVD version still looks more alluring – not quality-wise but in terms of additional material.

There’s a lot to enjoy on this fresh version which, together with the the motion picture per se and its “Premier” cut, includes original theatrical trailer, the 2016 promo clip for “Telegram Sam” and newspaper cuttings gallery as well as Apple Studio outtakes, not-yet-detailed extra features and Marc Bolan’s complete matinee show (see its setlist below). The problem is, the double-DVD variant contained both matinee and evening concerts with multi-camera and multi-audio options and other goodies that seem to be absent here. If it’s indeed the case, the presumably enhanced video may not compensate for the missing chances.

Born To Boogie:
The Motion Picture

As for the live order, it goes like this:

1. Rosko’s Intro [Emperor Rosko]
2. Cadilac
3. Jeepster
4. Baby Strange
5. Spaceball Ricochet
6. Girl
7. Cosmic Dancer
8. Telegram Sam
9. Hot Love
10. Get It On
11. ‘Just One More?’ [Emperor Rosko]
12. Summertime Blues

July 1, 2024

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