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Lost Canterbury Jam Is Out

May 19, 2015

For years, it was a matter of apocrypha: the recording by a short-lived formation WMWM which stood for drummer Robert Wyatt, keyboardist Dave McRae, saxophonist Gary Windo and contrabass player Ron Mathewson. The first two of them had been the members of MATCHING … Continue reading

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Pamela Windo: Him Through Me

April 18, 2015

Pamela Windo 2014 A story of one woman’s creative, and more than just that, liberation and of one man’s eternal, and doomed, quest for living life to the full. A story of love. In a better world, Gary Windo’s name … Continue reading

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GARY WINDO – Steam Radio Tapes

January 18, 2015

Gonzo 2013 Top brass has a ball in the company of kindred merry pranksters including members of SOFT MACHINE and PINK FLOYD. Intrepid in a live situation, be it with Chris McGregor’s BROTHERHOOD OF BREATH or Keith Tippett’s CENTIPEDE, who … Continue reading

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GARY WINDO – Deep Water

December 30, 2014

Antilles New Directions 1988 / Gonzo 2013 Sax kicker’s adventures in hi-fi in attempt to redefine his most productive decade. Having released two albums in his lifetime, Gary Windo could have been a pale footnote on music pages if not … Continue reading

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GARY WINDO – Dogface

September 14, 2014

Europa 1982 / Gonzo 2013 Unsung hero of British brass brilliance goes for a howl and a haul of a canine-themed bender. For all his jazz brilliance, the great late Gary Windo had always been a rocker who used to … Continue reading

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