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Interview with Ian McDonald

December 18, 2017

To be an original – and very prominent in creative terms – member of two highly influential and perennially popular bands, quite different in their style, it takes some bravado… Only that’s not the word one would associate with Ian … Continue reading

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HONEY WEST – Bad Old World

December 18, 2017

Readout 2017 Couple a dramatic actor with a pedigree-unburdened rocker, and there’s no stopping the world for you to get off, because the quicker it spins the friskier it gets. Once in a while, musicians come in pairs of two … Continue reading

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JUDY DYBLE – Talking With Strangers

April 25, 2013

Gonzo 2013 Folk heroine looks back in time in the company of fellow travelers from FAIRPORTS, CRIMSO and other walks of her life. It takes a kindred spirits coterie to come up with a masterpiece like this – otherwise, the … Continue reading

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