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July 28, 2023

Interconnected 2023 American axeman embraces environmental moods of a fresh landscape and sculpts paeans to his home. There were quite a few changes in the life of Mark Vickness – brought about not only by the pandemic wickedness but also … Continue reading

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JONAS HELLBORG – The Concert Of Europe

July 8, 2023

Bardo 2023 Swedish master of celestially chthonic rumble and his stellar companions take the listener for a continental shift on the recently dusted-off tapes. When a concert album is an artsy statement and also a stimulus to investigate the artist’s … Continue reading

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HELD BY TREES – Eventide / Solace – Live At Real World

May 25, 2023

Sound Canyon 2023 A binary look at existential dilemmas from mirror men who believe that party can’t be over. This arboreal ensemble’s oeuvre may seem understated, yet they arguably are one of the most important instrumental troupes to emerge from … Continue reading

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ANDERSON, CHUTE, EASLEY – Adventures Of The Moss Bear

April 14, 2023

ACE 2022 Vibrantly invigorating, if finely nuanced, jazz trip from a freshly formed trio of intrepid spirits. Although these three players seem to have pedigrees so dissimilar there’s hardly any common ground for them do dance on, it’s live improv … Continue reading

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JASON BLAKE – Subsequent Ruins

March 9, 2023

7D Media 2023 If the piper can’t lead us to reason, Chicagoan twelve-stringer will color the rhyme. The story of The Rat-Catcher from Hamelin is a grim one, the tale in which children fall victim to a strife between adults … Continue reading

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