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December 7, 2022

MoonJune 2022 Refusing to retain form but resisting the call of amorphous spirituality, avant-garde triumvirate seep and seed their sonics in different dimensions. Even though neither fierceness nor fearsomeness has ever seemed to enter these individuals’ intellectual vocabulary, the very … Continue reading

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RUSS HEWITT – Chasing Horizons

November 10, 2022

Saulito 2022 It’s the thrill of a trill in the heat of the night: Dallas explorer of six-string spells weaves a tapestry rich with melodic detail. For all the stylistic variety of Latino-tinged music, it tends to seem the same … Continue reading

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DELAY TACTICS – Elements Of Surprise

November 6, 2022

Multiphase 2022 Four decades after their debut, architects of American ambient brilliance are back with a platter of understated delights. When Carl Weingarten titled his 2022 album to seemingly defy his enemies’ expectations, hardly anyone could guess the guitarist’s next … Continue reading

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ABIGAIL HUANG – Chick Corea’s Childrens Songs

October 27, 2022

Solar Music 2022 A flowering talent from Florida outlines clarity of jazz experiment as a base of grace. When producer Michael Franklin informed Chick Corea of his plans to have the fusion genius’ 1984 platter reimagined, it was too late … Continue reading

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HUGO SELLES – Pianotramp

October 11, 2022

Hugo Selles 2022 If everyone was listening, a lone Spaniard could save the show with wordless reimagining of a famous catalogue. For all its commercial allure, the oeuvre of SUPERTRAMP has always been possessed with nigh on indiscernible intricacy, stemming … Continue reading

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