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TAYLOR’S UNIVERSE – Almost Perfected

April 8, 2018

Marvel Of Beauty 2017 Chasing the definitive verve of decade vintage, art-rock veteran captures elusive moments for posterity. It was easy to assume that rebooted Robin Taylor’s inspiration and gave his group a new start – and indeed, it did; … Continue reading

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TAYLOR’S UNIVERSE – Across The Universe

February 26, 2016

Marvel Of Beauty 2015 Introduction to Danish prog group’s oeuvre that’s short-sighted but spot-on. It’s tempting to call it entropy but there’s a method to what Robin Taylor’s been doing recently. With 33 albums under his belt – solo and … Continue reading

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August 29, 2015

Marvel Of Beauty 2015 A new beginning or massaging the itch? Danish art ensemble embark on an experimental endeavor. One could argue there’s a creative pattern for this artist whose recorded output numbers almost three dozens of albums, and 2013’s was … Continue reading

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September 11, 2014

Marvel Of Beauty 2013 Art rock maven from Copenhagen forges an irrefutable proof of temporal grandeur on album number thirty two. So many records in a little more than two decades may indicate either an exhaustive exercise of one’s vanity … Continue reading

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