DER BLUTHARSCH – Sucht & Ordnung

WKN 2016

DER BLUTHARSCH - Sucht & Ordnung

Sucht & Ordnung

Method to the madness finds its place at the altar of cosmic consciousness.

Tight yet expansive is the run of this album that’s comprised of three untitled cuts which measure the distance Albin Julius’ project has gone since their martial industrial ways got diversified. There’s no Sturm und Drang on “Sucht & Ordnung” but the record has a lot of interstellar energy, its 14-minute closer a spaced-out juggernaut. Rising from the rustle of cymbals, the epic outlines an adventure where multilayered surf guitars, anchored by motorik groove, send sharp ripples and weave sophisticated solos across the universe to reach the edge of time.

In order to get there, the record opens with a vibrant, baroque-tinctured soundscape whose muscular strum will roll over drone before a riff heralds a desert dance – mesmerizing in its harmonic meander and taking its dervish swirl higher and higher , to the organ-oiled skies and back to the bass-shattered ground, to stage a cinematic, spaghetti-western-like performance. More down-to-earth, the EP’s centerpiece is a stoner rock steamroller of a track hosting a recital delivered by Marthynna in German and shows this infinite church of the leading hand – that’s the band’s extended name – doesn’t need extra spirituality to be addictive. Here’s an order to live by.


February 26, 2018

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