Glenn Hughes And Robin George Legalize Their Joint Effort

There are musicians whose archives seem to be bottomless – and not only with regard to concert documents but also to studio recordings, and two of those are two Black Country veterans, Glenn Hughes and Robin George, whose collaboration wasn’t limited to the former providing backing vocals on the “Notorious” album the latter’s guitar drove to delirium. In 1989, the two laid down an entire album together, since Robin’s solo project required Glenn’s input, only to see it shelved despite a tentative contract with a major label. The result was a bootleg titled “Sweet Revenge” after one of the four pieces Hughes and George cowrote: and it’s this platter that will be officially released, in expanded form, on November 24th

Whereas the previous, unsanctioned CD had ten cuts, there are thirteen on a new one, renamed to “Overcome” – arguably, in better quality, because even the bootleg sounded great. Of a special interest is a track called “Haunted” as it features Dave Holland, Mel Galley and Terry Rowley who, together, with Glenn, effectively reformed TRAPEZE before the band’s official reunion a few years later.


1. Flying
2. Overcome
3. I Want
4. Haunted
5. Number One
6. Sweet Revenge
7. The American Way
8. Machine
9. Steal My Heart
10. Things Have Gotta Change
11. Don’t Come Crying
12. Loving You
13. War Dance

September 22, 2023

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