June 20, 2001


Eventually, a track listing for “Fires At Midnight”, the forthcoming album from BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, to be out on July 2nd, is announced. Here are the titles:

1. Written In The Stars
2. The Times They Are A-Changin’
3. I Still Remember
4. Home Again
5. Crowning Of The King
6. Fayre Thee Well (instrumental)
7. Fires At Midnight
8. Hanging Tree
9. The Storm
10. Midwinter’s Night
11. All Because Of You
12. Waiting Just For You
13. Praetorious (instrumental)
14. Benzai-Ten
15. Sake Of Song
16. Village On The Sand
17. Again Someday


Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions announce the new project on their roster, THE CAGE. The mastermind behind it is Italian guitar meister Dario Mollo, whose latest work is "Voodoo Hill" with Glenn Hughes taking the vocal duties. But in 1999 it was preceded by THE CAGE debut album, recorded with Tony Martin of BLACK SABBATH fame singing. Now, with Martin free from SABBATH, the two decided to take the further step in THE CAGE.

The work is currently being done in Mollo’s Damage Inc. Studios in Ventimiglia, Italy. This time the players are: Roberto Gualdi on drums, Dario Patti on keyboards and restless Tony Franklin on bass. Martin says, “This album will include some of the most outstanding vocal work that ever came from myself. The song “Terra Toria” has the highest note that I’ve ever sung on an album!” In Mollo’s words, “It is going to be slightly more aggressive and powerful than the previous THE CAGE album and the VOODOO HILL one, but still it contains possibly some of the best melodies I have ever written in my life!”

The release date is not scheduled yet, but, hopefully, the CD will see the light of day this year.


Ken Hensley is working hard now on his new “Running Blind” album to be released in January 2002. Ken decided to invite his new band’s guitarist Dave Kilminster to take part in the recording. Once the mixing and the mastering are done, the limited edition pressings will be sent in the end of August to the subscribers. This pressing will sport a special sleeve that will not be repeated.

There was a certain delay in the work due to Hensley’s involvement in THE HENSLEY-LAWTON BAND. Ken says: “I am very sorry if people feel disappointed, but I do hope this new schedule will put their minds at rest and that they will see that I am working very, very hard to finish the album. I have had to turn down some live shows in order to focus on this exclusively”.

June 20, 2001

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