Michael Schenker: across the great divide

Michael Schenker Always a team player, although with a penchant to put his name across, Michael Schenker became a genuine guitar hero, once his stints with UFO and SCORPIONS resulted in an experience he took to another level with MSG. But it wasn’t with this band that Michael recorded his 2011’s “Temple Of Rock” – it was a solo record.

The more surprising, then, is the news that it’s a name of Schenker’s new group now. TEMPLE OF ROCK are a quintet which include, alongside the leader, singer Doogie White, famous for his work with Ritchie Blackmore and Yngwie J. Malmsteen, the SCORPS rhythm section Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz, plus Wayne Findlay on second guitar and keyboards. And now they have an album, “Bridge The Gap,” ready for the December 2nd release. A joyful record by all accounts, its line-up gelled during recent tour, and here’s the result.

Michael Schenker's TEMPLE OF ROCK - Bridge The Gap

Michael Schenker’s
Bridge The Gap

1. Neptune Rising
2. Where The Wild Winds Blow
3. Horizons
4. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely
5. Rock ‘n’ roll Symphony
6. To Live For The King
7. Land Of Thunder
8. Temple Of The Holy
9. Shine On
10. Bridges We Have Burned
11. Because You Lied
12. Black Moon Rising
13. Dance For The Piper
bonus track:
14. Faith (Don Dokken on vocals)

October 11, 2013

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