It’s been less than a fortnight that THE FUSION SYNDICATE‘s second album hit the shelves, a good decade after its predecessor, but November 3rd should see the issue of the third offering by this loose conglomerate of stellar musicians. Titled “Beautiful Horizon” and again produced by Fernando Perdomo, the fresh record is actually another part of “Speedway On Saturn’s Rings” as what was originally prepared for a single platter has been split in two for better consumption.

There’s an impressive line-up on this album, fleshed out with three bonus tracks from the project’s debut, with only FISHBONE’s Angelo Moore making a reappearance. But how come the ever-busy Perdomo took on such an intimidating task, given that he also penned the epic cuts on display?

“I’ve been a Seventies fusion freak all my life as a musician,” says Fernando. “When Brian Perera, the head of Cleopatra Records, approached me to make this album, it was a dream come true. I cant believe I got to work with so many legends on material I wrote! It’s really cool to bring back this sound!”

With artists like Robby Krieger and Jerry Goodman, it’s hard to go wrong, indeed.

Beautiful Horizon

1. Blood Red Supermoon Musick – feat. John Etheridge
2. Andromeda Passage – feat. Helios Creed
3. Cosmic Feeling – feat. Jerry Goodman
4. Got Me In A Lunar Funk – feat. Angelo Moore
5. Retrograde – feat. Theo Travis and Alphonso Johnson
6. Meteor Shower – feat. Marty Friedman and Brian Auger
7. Beautiful Horizon – feat. Robby Krieger
bonus tracks:
8. At The Edge Of The Middle –
      feat. Steve Morse, Jim Beard, Randy Brecker and Percy Jones
9. Atom Smashing –
      feat. John Etheridge, Tony Kaye, Chad Wackerman
10. In The Spirit Of… –
      feat. Steve Hillage, Theo Travis, Justin Chancellor and Asaf Sirkis

September 28, 2023

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