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HAWKWIND’s Late ’70s Tapes Get Boxed Up

December 26, 2022

Although the second half of HAWKWIND‘s halcyon decade might seem less impressive than its decade, when such solid-gold classics as saw the light day, in reality the advent of punk and new wave scenes added fresh aspects to the British … Continue reading

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THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA – Tubular Bells – 50th Anniversary Celebration

December 25, 2022

Cleopatra 2022 On the verge of a legendary platter’s half-century jubilee, the classic’s new reading is delivered to stress how impressive it still is. In tune with its immense psychological scope, “Tubular Bells” proved to have a lasting effect on … Continue reading

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Sam Brown Finds Creative Closure On A Lost-Voice Album

December 24, 2022

It takes a genuine aficionado, as opposed to a regular fan, to notice that the first letters of the esteemed Sam Brown‘s solo records, from her 1988 massive-success debut “Stop!” to “Of The Moment” which was issued in 2007 – … Continue reading

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MARK DUDA – Bodega Flowers

December 23, 2022

Train Faces 2022 Billed under his own name again, American belter goes to the corner to buy a bouquet of songs. Involvement with various ensembles has kept this New Yorker quite busy but it didn’t alleviate his followers’ wait for … Continue reading

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David Libert: Rock And Roll Warrior

December 22, 2022

Sunset Blvd 2022 Facilitator to the stars details his existence on the road, in the air and behind the bars to bare the music business’ fascinating underbelly. That David Libert used to live rock ‘n’ roll life to the fullest … Continue reading

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