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BELEDO – Dreamland Mechanism

August 6, 2016

MoonJune 2016 Uruguayan guitarist lays out his multicolored palette at the forefront of international scene for a quiet shock. Bele Beledo rarely leaves the field of focus as of late – moonlighting, among other things, with his label mates and … Continue reading

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August 15, 2015

Angel Air 2015 Gain from afar: former AFFINITY singer delivers her second solo album, more than four decades after the first one. Fetch might be something one gets with an effort but the Roger Dean cover of this record suggests … Continue reading

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Linda Hoyle Returns In Style

June 3, 2015

Some careers have not be long to echo down the years, and it’s surely the case with Linda Hoyle, who was the singer with AFFINITY in the late ’60s – early ’70s and released a solo album, 1971’s “Pieces Of Me,” before … Continue reading

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JACK BRUCE – Cities Of The Heart

January 31, 2015

CMP 1994 / Esoteric 2014 A tuneful birthday bash of one of the most versatile musicians of the last century – with regular suspects and unusual pieces. t had been about a year after Jack Bruce’s actual 50th anniversary when, … Continue reading

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MARCELO PAGANINI – 2012 Space Traffic Jam

December 18, 2014

Marcelo Paganini 2014 Stars align for French-Brazilian guitarist’s ultimate dream which doesn’t produce a lot of light – rather a flurry of notes. With a surname like this, comparisons are inevitable, and Marcelo Paganini lives up to the virtuoso status. … Continue reading

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