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November 14, 2022

Intelligent Music 2022 After a decade of spreading good vibrations, Bulgarian supergroup still concentrate on love. Ever since delivering their debut in 2012, this loose-line-up collective have always adorned albums covers with a dove – the symbol of positive thinking, … Continue reading

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GODO & – On Time

March 7, 2022

Bernerie Hills 2022 Pop-rock auteur chisels chanson-scented confectionary out of ether and have kindred spirits make it tangible. This composer may say that his nom de guerre is derived from his surname, but Samuel Beckett readers who turn into Claude … Continue reading

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OCTARINE SKY – Close To Nearby

November 18, 2021

Uberwald 2021 From Discworld onto a plastic disc, international progressive team count out time for miracles to happen. As any novice in Unseen University knows, octarine is the color of magic, and as any fan of Dyanne Potter Voegtlin can … Continue reading

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JON ANDERSON – Animation

July 13, 2021

Polydor 1982 / Esoteric 2021 Vocal avatar of wondrous storytelling comfortably inhabits the age of plastic to sing dithyrambs to electronic digits. It may not seem like this from today’s perspective, yet “Animation” was a pivotal album in ‘s career. … Continue reading

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DARWIN – 3: Unplugged

April 25, 2021

Origin Of Species 2021 Balancing luxuriant and stark sonics, cosmic opera creators reveal the extremes of their flight. From its very beginning, the DARWIN project was about vast spaces that called the listener beyond the imaginable, but there’s always been … Continue reading

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