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February 11, 2024

Hevhetia 2023 Slowly burning telepathy from transatlantic foursome caught in the act of tuneful communication. Two guitars and two trumpets don’t seem to be an ordinary instrumental array for a touring collective in which three Europeans meet an American and … Continue reading

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DAVID KOLLAR – Echoes Of Hopeful Melancholy

January 16, 2024

David Kollar 2023 Slovakian architect of abstract six-string grandeur exposes his slow-burning soul to scorch the ground. David Kollar’s platters have never been known even for superficial fierceness, yet this album is finally imbued with unbridled emotionality – a spectrum … Continue reading

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DAVID KOLLAR – Where Are They​.​.​.​? And Other Stories

December 1, 2023

Blue Lizard 2023 Purveyor of mind-boggling soundscapes streams his consciousness down memory lane. Given David Kollar’s work rate, one would assume any new album might come easily to him, yet what follows in the wake of 2022’s – the Slovakian … Continue reading

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DAVID KOLLAR – The Vision Man

May 17, 2022

David Kollar 2022 Prešov’s own proponent of guitar-laden soundscape opens an imaginative, and imaginary, aural perspective. There’s always been an air of mesmeric abstractness to David Kollar’s music, yet if it could be reined in to suit ‘s songs or … Continue reading

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Alumni And International Line-Up Pay Homage To Peter Gabriel

May 6, 2022

One of those rare artists whose repertoire is so rich that they can easily afford leaving behind and not perform the oeuvre of their previous ensembles, Peter Gabriel is also one of the most influential creative forces. There is SECURITY … Continue reading

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