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PROG COLLECTIVE – Dark Encounters

April 11, 2024

Purple Pyramid 2024 One-man’s tenebrous exploration of soundscapes that see rock stars refuse to shine. It may not have been so obvious previously, yet his current descent into the murk made it all too apparent: there’s nothing communal about this … Continue reading

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BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Chase Spectres With Ghostly Tales

February 8, 2024

With rumors abound about BLUE ÖYSTER CULT being reluctant to concoct a new album – as opposed to concert recordings, of which a few are forthcoming as follow-ups to – the band come up with an interesting solution for their … Continue reading

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Albert Bouchard Takes BLUE ÖYSTER CULT’s Mythos To The Limit

July 9, 2023

Even though BLUE ÖYSTER CULT didn’t get to sculpting a fully fledged concept album during the band’s classic era, there was a common thread running through many of their records: a string of ideas derived from “The Soft Doctrines of … Continue reading

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Rock Veterans Meddle With PINK FLOYD’s Lesser Classic

July 5, 2023

It would have been silly to think that, once PINK FLOYD‘s four primary ’70s albums got covered by elite players on the likes of and which gave a new spin to the very much familiar material, such tributes would stop. … Continue reading

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Graham Bonnet And Rick Wakeman Visit PINK FLOYD’s “San Tropez”

June 17, 2023

Save for a couple of early singles – such as Syd Barrett-penned “Arnold Layne” and “See Emily Play” – almost all of PINK FLOYD covers can be sourced to their four classic albums from the ’70s, that’s why it’s so … Continue reading

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