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BANGTOWER – With N With Out

December 7, 2017

Declassified 2016 Fuse on for fusion: it’s all about the “N” – except for negativity for which there’s no space.  It took this collective a good six years to follow with a second album but, perhaps, the hiatus allowed Neil … Continue reading

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RICHARD BARBIERI – Planets + Persona

June 1, 2017

Kscope 2017 Per aspera ad astra, a paragon of progressive romanticism plants posterity in the heart of the present. A fusion of philosophy and phonograph sonics is bound to bring on immersive experience when it’s born from Richard Barbieri’s bout … Continue reading

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CYMBALIC ENCOUNTERS – Exploration Of The Southern Constellation

July 20, 2015

Mark Murdock 2015 Stellar approximations from fusion-flaunting drummer and his intrepid crew of rock-solid savants. From the moment Mark Murdock pulled into a prog orbit, first with Peter Banks from YES and then with the BRAND X alumni, there was no … Continue reading

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PERCY JONES – Cape Catastrophe

January 16, 2015

EFA 1996 / Gonzo 2013 Bass maestro goes for broke and picks up the pieces to make a curious whole. A stalwart of BRAND X, Percy Jones’ supple bass lines have always been adventurous and natural in any unorthodox setting. … Continue reading

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BRAND X – Live At The Roxy LA

January 4, 2015

Zok 1995 / Gonzo 2013 Rare document of jazz-rock finest combo at their most unbridled – raw and wild. They were a peculiar team, BRAND X: the band always seemed to avoid fusion of rock and jazz but rather interweave … Continue reading

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