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RACHEL WISE – Southern Life

October 31, 2018

Rachel Wise 2018 Mississippi belle steps out to lasso an idlewild wind and get carried away. “If you wanna know how to live right, well, here’s your recipe”: this line from Rachel Wise’s first album should sum it up nicely, … Continue reading

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GREENSLADE – Greenslade

October 30, 2018

Warner Bros 1973 / Esoteric 2018 Unique and quintessential: impressive debut of British ensemble who didn’t bother to conform. They weren’t the first band to feature two keyboardists, of course, but if drew a line between the timbres of ivories … Continue reading

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October 29, 2018

Dr Chrispy 2018 Stitching science and sound, ex-NASA specialist transports the listener into his travelogue that doesn’t need video to create a home system. It’s heartwarming when the first words you hear on a mostly instrumental records are “All right” … Continue reading

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BROKEN HOME – Fragments

October 28, 2018

Angel Air 2018 Picking up pieces of the past to find their future, British band are back for a final statement. Back in 1980, this band’s self-titled debut left off with “China In Your Heart” which suggested fragility – and … Continue reading

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NODE – Node Live

October 27, 2018

DiN 2018 Synth supergroup out of Albion stage their slow-burning sonic assault in front of audience. Given their collective CV, these four sound sculptors are possessed by secret knowledge of creating moods that would propel them through time, if not … Continue reading

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